The Pak & Ship Office

We are a Multi- Carrier Ship Center that offers shipping Via FedEx, USPS, and DHL International Shipping. Whether you need something Overnighted or just want to buy some Postage Stamps, we are here to help you. Can’t find a box to fit all your things? Don’t worry, here at The Pak & Ship Office we carry over 30 different sized boxes. If none of the boxes we have will work, we can custom build one just for your shipment. We also have trained experts that can pack your shipment perfectly to guarantee there will be no movement or damage to your items during transit. We are also an Authorixed FedEx Drop Off Location, along with USPS and DHL as well. All you need is your pre printed label with the shipment and we will take care of the rest. Can’t print your label out? No problem! We have a computer in our lobby just for that purpose.



We are located at 3901 W Arkansas Lane, Suite 107, Arlington Texas 76016. Come on by today and let us help you.


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